TikTok Bestie Fan Page!

Hey TikTok Bestiiieeessss!

>>>Welcome to my new favorite page!<<<

Wud up yalllll! I'm sooo excited to announce this super special fan page for all my TikTok besties! I wanted to create this space so that I could share all of your amazing matchy-matchy customized color mixtures that we create on my LIVE together! I'm also going to post some of the unboxing videos I've received from my loyal besties!

>>Double Zappy Makes Me Happy!<<


.The Big Reveal.

Awesome Pink, Blue & Purple Mixture Created by Nicole from a recent TikTok LIVE!

Beautiful Blue & Silver Mixture Created by Paula from a recent TikTok LIVE!

Customer Review, Unboxing an 12 Piece Red Keychain Set!

Customer Review, Unboxing an 18 Piece Pink & Black Keychain Set!